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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday's Activities

I tend to think of my life as pretty boring, but this past year a number of people have spent a significant amount of time and energy focusing on my calling and ministry. Perhaps they might be interested to know how I spend my time. Hey, perhaps I might want to know how I spend my time. So this next week, I'm going to keep a log of my ministerial activities. Here goes.

7am - woke up, got dressed, headed off to work at the United Church Foundation.
8:15 - ran into congregant while changing from the 7 train to the 2 train. We discussed her new job and the demands it's having in her life. Prayed for part of the ride updtown.
8:45 - made it into work, dealt with some emails, checked in on the layout of our newest newsletter.
10:00 - worked on a grant application for the church, with intermittent things done for the office job.
12 noon - went to lunch with an elder from the church. I'm not sure if she provided me with pastoral care or I provided her with pastoral care or if it was just an administrative lunch.
12:45 - arrived back, applied for license to copy church music. The license fee is determined by the number of people in the congregation. Thanks to our new members, we now qualify for the second tier. Whoo hoo! Sure, it cost an additional $50, but it's worth it.
Afternoon was dedicated to office work and phone calls. One call came from a deacon at the church asking me to water the front yard flowers since he couldn't get back to the neighborhood tonight.
5:30 - left the office. Met Jen for a nice dinner; she had a tough day at CPE. As a side note, I love praying before meals while out in public in NYC. It's a totally counter-cultural act.
7:00 - arrived home. Weeded the back yard of the church. It's now cleaner than it's been in years. Watered the front yard, while chatting with a neighbor about how things are going for him.
8:00 - answered some emails, including one from a theater group who had used the church last year asking if they could become actors in residence at the church.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Friday Mom said...

My partner and I talk a lot about what it is in our lives that's so threatening. We've concluded that we must be so boring that people can't tolerate it. We wonder what they really think goes on. Your day sounds pretty tame to me...must be that counter cultural praying that's so threatening.


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