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Thursday, December 15, 2005

We Mourn the Loss

I'm a little late in preparing our worship bulletin for Sunday which means I'm also late with posting the names of those killed in Iraq this past week.


We mourn the loss of those killed in the war in Iraq this past week, including Americans: Marcus S. Futrell, Philip L. Travis, Jimmy Lee Shelton, Daniel M. Cuka, Richard L. Schild, Thomas C. Siekert, Brian A. Wright, Michael C. Taylor, Joseph P. Bier, Kevin J. Smith, Spencer C. Akers, Milton Rivera-Vargas, Adrian N. Orosco, Julia V. Atkins, Kenith Casica, Clarence L. Floyd Jr., Travis L. Nelson, James S. "Shawn" Moudy, Keith A. Bennett, Jared William Kubasak, Curtis A. Mitchell, and Lex S. Nelson.


At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you
curtis "tony" mitchell
was my little brother from the fam i thank you charles mitchell

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was sad for me to read that in Jared's obituary there was no mention of any church/religious affiliation. Apparently a military chaplain did some sort of funeral service at a funeral home rather than a church.

There are many people who by choice simply drop out of the church scene. And that's fine. It's a personal choice and truly nobody's business. But when a 25 year old soldier dies just before Christmas and reading between the lines, you think, gee this family has no church family to turn to or lean on, then to me personally it's a very sad thing.

The Kubasak family lost a son. In a couple of days, Franklin County's "war hero" will drift into history as the only war casualty since the Vietnam era. I'm sure he will not be forgotten.

But as far as his parents, I have a feeling it will be a horrible Christmas. It would be for any family, but for people who lack the support of a church, and who possibly do not have any faith affiliation at all, it can be a particularly dreadful time.

I will certainly pray for them. May Jared rest in peace.

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, here's part of the story from today's Roanoke (VA) Times:

Death in its untimely way has visited us here in Franklin County, Virginia," said Maj. Donald Kammer, the Army chaplain who officiated at Kubasak's funeral at Flora Funeral Service in Rocky Mount. More than 200 people attended the service. end quote.

I think if they were part of a church the fueral service would not have been at the funeral home. Also, even if they wanted the Army chaplain to preside at the service, there would have been the mention of their own pastor in the story. Evidently there is none. How sad.

We are all free not to be members of a church. We are free not to attend church. Kubasak may have been a fine young man with great aspirations of heroism. He obviously achieved his goal and came home a (dead) hero, to the salutes of 200 people.

Now where is he, though? Is that all there is? What is anything will console his parents in the absence of Faith? Did he have any personal beliefs beyond "my country right or wrong"? Not a peep about what he BELIEVED?


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