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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tuesday, boring Tuesday

Yesterday, Jennifer read the post about my Monday activities and said "hey, are you trying to legitimate the fact that you're a pastor so that other people might acknowledge it, too?"

Don't you hate it when someone knows you well enough to point your innermost faults out to you? I had to admit that she was right. I am doing it to attempt to legitimate my ministry to the people who feel that I shouldn't be allowed to be a pastor. Of course, this shouldn't stop me from continuing. But, in all honesty, if that's the reason for writing this series of posts, then I should stop doing it. Why waste my time trying to defend my calling to other people who most likely don't care if I'm a good pastor or not? I know that I'm called to be a pastor. My congregation feels that I'm called to be their pastor. Random location scouts and local police officers and kids who play ball in the street consider me a pastor. Even my former Wall Street colleagues who occasionally call and ask for spiritual advice consider me a pastor.

So no more posting about the schedules of my life - unless you're just dying to know that I occasionally take 10 minutes showers and eat bad Chinese takeout food.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger greg said...

It did seem like a rather weird topic, but whatever.

I'm sure that you must know plenty of people whom you respect and look up to who support your ministry 100%. Draw comfort and strength from them, and don't worry too much about your critics (at least not those critical of your fitness to be called). Judging from your posts, your inner guide is just fine. Be happy.


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