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Monday, January 02, 2006

Chat 'n'chew at the big church

I'm very honored to have been invited by the GIFTS Fellowship to speak at Marble Collegiate Church this month. While I haven't yet finished the outline for what I'm going to say, I can tell you that I've been asked to unearth some old photos of myself for some kind of a picture montage. I found this great one of a group of us at about age nine singing in front my old church. I'm the one with the tube socks hiked up to her knees.

Here's the blurb for the event that is going to be held on January 23:

Ann Kansfield is the openly lesbian minister of Greenpoint Reformed Church in Brooklyn and the daughter of Norm Kansfield, former president of New Brunswick Theological Seminary. In a candid conversation, Ann shares her story of growing up gay, becoming a minister, and falling in love with the woman to whom she is now married. Their wedding in Massachusetts legally united them, but Ann, her new wife, and her father find themselves in the center of controversy as the church continues to define its position on homosexuality.

6:00PM, Dinner (by reservation)
7:00PM, Program

Click here to register online with credit card, or contact Tom Schneider at 212-686-2770 x. 712.


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