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Thursday, January 12, 2006

We mourn the loss

We mourn the loss of those killed in the war in Iraq this week including Americas: William F. Hecker III, Jason Lopezreyes, Robbie M. Mariano, Johnny J. Peralez Jr., Christopher P. Petty, Ryan D. Walker, Stephen J. White, Michael E. McLaughlin, Adam Leigh Cann, Albert Pasquale Gettings, Ryan S. McCurdy, Radhames Camilomatos, Joseph D. deMoors, Douglas A. Labouff, Michael R. Martinez, Clinton R. Upchurch, Jaime L. Campbell, Michael I. Edwards, Jacob E. Melson, Chester W. Troxel, Stuart M. Anderson, Nathan R. Field, Robert T. Johnson, Darren D. Braswell, Kyle W. Brown, Jeriad P. Jacobs, Jason T. Little, Brett L. Lundstrom and Raul Mercado.


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